Fortunate Losers

Fortunate Losers EST 2015 Sudbury, ON

On their new self-titled album, Canadian rockers Fortunate Losers delivers a lyrically sophisticated and unapologetically dark collection of songs reminiscent of grunge-era legends of the late 90s and early 2000s while adding their unique contemporary style and setting them apart from a crowded field of rock counterparts.

With a signature sound that effortlessly blends raw emotion with powerhouse instrumentals, the Sudbury, Ontario-based band stands tall with an unwavering dedication to their craft by creating music that doesn’t consciously aim to follow the formulaic nature of many songs heard on the radio.

Comprised of vocalist/guitarist Devon Cox, bassist Brent Boileau, and guitarist Brad Giffen, Fortunate Losers’ newest offering benefitted from the experience of Finger Eleven’s Steve Molella, who produced the album.

“We had worked with other producers in the past, but what set Steve apart was the fact he put a positive spin on everything,” says Cox. “He had the most optimistic outlook for what these songs, and this album, could be. He let us know early on that he wasn’t here to overhaul the tracks as much as he pushed us to be our best. He set the bar high.”

“Many of the other bands he works with aren’t as heavy as we are,” Cox adds. “He was definitely looking to sink his teeth into something darker.”

“Something darker” is an apt description that merely serves to scratch the surface when it comes to this collection of songs. While the band had remained faithful to the Seattle-inspired sounds forged on their previous releases, theTidal Waves EP (2020) and 2018’s Cut Teeth, the new album marks a definitive step forward for the quartet.

The album kicks off with a climactic, Deftones-inspired musical interlude called “Soul”, setting the stage for what's to come. "Divine" follows with dissonant, muscular riffs that grip listeners from the first note.

"Taste", released as a single to accompany the album, is a haunting tribute to the legendary Chris Cornell. The lyrics, "Living on a rubber band stretched around a sink," metaphorically encapsulate the escalating struggles he faced with addiction, ultimately leading to his demise. With a sound reminiscent of Soundgarden, “Taste” pays homage to Cornell's iconic musical style while delivering a heart-wrenching narrative.

“The song is an examination of how I mourned his passing,” Cox says. “It very much deals with the grasp of addiction and is about someone wanting to get a taste for the high and that feeling again. That’s where the line ‘Check my pulse to pass the time’ comes from in the track.”

Originally released as a single in 2022, "Desire" is a fierce anthem driven by a menacing guitar riff and Cox's standout vocals. Backed by the thunderous rhythm section, the track grabs hold of listeners from its opening moments. It delves into the theme of animal instinct and the obsession that drives us to risk it all for a fleeting moment of satisfaction.

"Bigger Wings," a favorite among the band members, is a standout track that delves into the fantasy of achieving one's wildest aspirations, juxtaposed with the frustrations of restricting factors. The poignant lyric “Down we go while I wish for bigger wings” beautifully captures the bittersweet essence of the human spirit yearning for boundless freedom and opportunity while being tethered by the limitations of reality. The dynamic interplay between soft and powerful musical elements serves as a musical embodiment of this dichotomy.

The overarching theme of the album is a dark exploration of the human experience, yet it remains imbued with vibrant emotions. “Fortunate Losers” offers listeners a fresh perspective on the genre with an authenticity and raw energy that invites you to dive into its tracks and appreciate the artistry behind each note.

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