The Last Armada

The Last Armada is a 4-piece Rock Band currently based in Guelph, ON. The band has created their own signature and electrifying sound, drawing inspiration from several genres of music such as Classic Rock, R&B, Alternative, Pop and Indie; transcending the regular rock band motif. Their catchy melodies, riffs and variety of music are the main elements that drive the band and leave their listeners and audiences wanting more. 

The band’s studio work captures their musicianship and songwriting abilities. Implementing classic and contemporary techniques, they achieve a nostalgic, yet modern, feel to their productions. Listeners are greeted with captivating vocals, fantastic guitar work and a thunderous rhythm section.

Their stage shows are notoriously raw, powerful and engaging from the first note. Boasting every individual members’ skill and mastery of their instrument, they incorporate improvisation, blazing extensions of their recorded work, solos and crowd engagement to breathe new life into their discography making every night totally unique.

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